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Foot Pegs and Brackets

  • Emergency Foot Peg Emergency Foot Peg

    Emergency Foot Peg

    Simple solution to a problem we hope you never have.This is a shoulder bolt that will screw into the one of the peg bracket holes on either side of the C10.You can only apricate its worth if you have had to ride two hours with your foot hanging out in...

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  • 1199 Right Peg 1198 Left Peg

    Kawasaki Foot Pegs and Brackets

    Genuine Kawasaki partsLeft Peg 34028-1198Right Peg 34028-1199Left Bracket 34003-1259Right Bracket 34003-1260Foot Peg Rubber 34028-1206Thoroughly inspect both peg and brackets if you have dropped your bike,It is quite common that both parts are broke but...

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