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  • Easy Fork Level Tool

    Easy Fork Level Tool

    Murphs' Fork Oil Level Tool is the fast, easy, professional and inexpensive way to accurately set the fork oil level in your bike. While you can set the amount of oil in your forks using tables on volume supplied in the service manual, the pros know...

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  • Fork Circlip & Washer Kit

    Fork Circlip & Washer Kit

    Not included in the standard fork seal package, the circlip and washer are often needed items when doing a rebuild of the forks. The circlip can get corroded and lose it's springiness, while the washer gets a groove worn into it. For a small price,...

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  • KB Fork Brace

    KB Fork Brace

    Billet Aluminum Mil Spec Hard Black Anodizing Wide Beam Stance With Channel Cuts Underneath to Reduce Weight Without Compromising StrengthCast and Hardened Fork Tube ProtectorsAlways Check for Clearance and Fork Binding After Installition  The First...

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  • KB Forkbrace Tube Protectors

    KB Forkbrace Tube Protectors

    This is a replacement parts kit for people who have lost a protector over the years. Kit contains: Cast aluminum protectors that are hardened, machined, and powder coated. Replacement socket head cap screws. Necessary hex key for above. Fits...

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  • Maxima Fork Oil Maxima Fork Oil

    Maxima Fork Oil

    Maxlma Fork Oil is a Blend of Premium Quality High Viscosity Hydraulic Oils and AdditivesBlended to Control Foaming, Oxidation, Rust, Corrosion and Increase Seal Life.Special Lubricinol ™ Formula Protects Moving Parts Reduces Stiction, and Enhances...

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  • Straight Weight Springs

    Straight Weight Springs

    Straight Weight SpringsWarrantied for LifeMade in the USAUse the Chart Below for Your Selection Choosing the rate made easy! Use only the rider's weight with gear, and do not include the passenger. • Normal Riding Style, less than 260lbs, go with 1...

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